Top 5 Best Financial Advisors in India (2024)

Have you ever scratched your head, staring at a screen filled with stocks, mutual funds, or tax paperwork, feeling like you’re trying to decode hieroglyphics? Let’s face it: managing money can sometimes feel like walking through a maze blindfolded.

But what if you had a guide who could demystify the complex world of finance and show you the way to a secure financial future?

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a salaried professional, or someone planning for retirement, choosing the right financial advisor can make the difference between night and day for your financial well-being.

In a country like India, where the economic landscape is ever-changing and the array of investment options can seem overwhelming, a trustworthy advisor is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity.

It’s like having a financial GPS that ensures you take the most efficient route to your financial goals. Ready to elevate your financial game and take control of your wealth?

Stay with us as we unveil the Top 5 Best Financial Advisors in India who can transform your financial maze into a straight road to success. Trust us, this is a list you don’t want to skim over.

Criteria for Selecting The Best Financial Advisors in India:

So, you may be wondering, how did we whittle down the vast landscape of financial advisors to the crème de la crème featured on this list? The task was anything but easy. We relied on a holistic set of factors that we believe are the pillars of exceptional financial guidance.

First and foremost, reputation carries significant weight. An advisor with a stellar reputation has likely earned it through years of consistent performance and client satisfaction. Speaking of clients, customer feedback was another invaluable yardstick.

Who better to assess the effectiveness of an advisor than those who have entrusted them with their financial futures?

But that’s not all. The range and quality of services offered were also taken into account. Whether it’s estate planning, investment management, or tax strategies, the more comprehensive the service list, the better; we couldn’t ignore the power of credentials.

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Certifications such as CFP (Certified Financial Planner) or SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) are not just alphabets tacked on to the end of a name; they are badges of expertise that can speak volumes about an advisor’s skill and commitment to ethical practice.

Last but not least, experience counts—nothing can replace the nuanced insights and financial wisdom from years of professional experience.

So, when you browse our top picks, know that each advisor has been scrutinized through these rigorous criteria. Because when it comes to your hard-earned money, settling for anything less than the best shouldn’t be an option.

The Top 5 Best Financial Advisors in India:

Hold on to your seats because we’re about to reveal the financial wizards who are game-changers in the Indian economic arena. These aren’t just people who know numbers; they are visionaries who can guide you through the ever-shifting financial sands, be it investments, taxes, or retirement planning.

They’ve passed the acid test of our stringent selection criteria, standing head and shoulders above the rest in reputation, services, customer satisfaction, qualifications, and experience.

If you’ve ever wondered where to turn for expert financial advice tailored to the unique nuances of the Indian market, wonder no more.

Here are the Top 5 Financial Advisors in India, each a maestro in their own right, equipped to steer you towards a future of financial peace and prosperity.

Keep reading because this could be the first step toward making your money work more intelligent, challenging, and efficient.

1. Melvin Joseph

Prepare to be inspired because our first spotlight is on Melvin Joseph, a trailblazer who has not only etched his name in the history books as India’s first SEBI-registered investment advisor but is also the genius behind FIN-VIN company.

Breaking free from the chains of his 9-5 job at 42, Melvin embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that would redefine what it means to be a financial advisor in India.

Why is Melvin a standout? He’s India’s earliest RIA to register with SEBI without relying on product commissions, a testament to his dedication to unbiased, transparent financial guidance.

Best Financial Advisors in India

He championed the concept of “fee-only” service, something quite revolutionary in a market often driven by commissions and kickbacks. Remember the days when he struggled to find trustworthy clients? Well, now the tables have turned; clients are searching to secure an appointment with him.

Melvin is not just a list of accomplishments; he’s a human being who remains as grounded as they come. Reach out to him, and you’ll likely get financial advice and life wisdom. His top financial mantra?

Stick to your field and prepare for a 3-year gestation period; watch your business soar afterward. Let Melvin Joseph be your guiding star if you’re contemplating becoming a fee-only planner.

Indeed, his transformative journey from a regular 9-5 job holder to the most credible financial advisor in India—and possibly the world—makes him nothing short of a financial guru you’d want on your team.

2. Ujwal Jaitwar

Next up on our star-studded list is Ujwal Jaitwar, the mastermind behind WealthCare Corporation, an intellectual capital firm that has become a household name in Insurance and Retirement planning.

If you’re the sort of person who lies awake at night fretting over plans, Ujwal is the man you’ll want on speed dial. His client base isn’t just extensive; it’s a living testimonial to the efficacy of his financial insights, helping people achieve retirement and financial goals without causing undue stress on their present finances.

Best Financial Advisors in India

But what sets Ujwal apart is his philosophy of client engagement. He’s not just about crunching numbers; he’s about understanding you. Through innovative strategies like “Priority Analysis” and “Thinking Process,” he helps clients understand what they truly value and need for their future.

These aren’t just buzzwords; they are tried and tested methods that have empowered his clients to make intelligent, informed decisions about their financial lives.

His contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. With an “Excellence Award” from the Excellence Institute, Ujwal has cemented his reputation as a leading figure in the financial advisory landscape.

When asked about his secret sauce, he emphasizes the twin pillars of relationship and trust, stating that these elements genuinely add value to financial planning.

If you’re looking for an advisor who combines expertise with a deep understanding of human needs and aspirations, Ujwal Jaitwar is your go-to financial sage.

3. Preeti Zende

Don’t be fooled by her relatively short stint of 3 years in the industry; Preeti Zende is a force to be reckoned with. As the owner and founder of Apana Dhan Financial Services, she’s made waves in a sea of seasoned professionals.

Often, it’s not the length but the impact of your journey that counts, and Preeti has proved this by becoming one of India’s top registered investment advisors in record time.

What makes her a standout choice? If safeguarding your financial future keeps you up at night, Preeti has covered you. She brings a personalized touch to financial advising that’s as rare as refreshing.

Best Financial Advisors in India

Her approach is far from cookie-cutter; she takes the time to work closely with her clients, offering targeted, full-fledged financial solutions that extend beyond mere advice to truly effective planning.

Preeti’s expertise spans a broad spectrum, from retirement planning and wealth management to risk management and personal finance. And if her track record isn’t enough to convince you, her educational background certainly will.

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Finance and an associate’s degree focused on Insurance from the Insurance Institute of India. With Preeti, you’re not just getting an advisor; you’re gaining a well-rounded financial expert with the credentials to back it up.

If you want someone who offers the complete package—knowledge, personal attention, and academic prowess—Preeti Zende should be on your list.

4. Shilpa Wagh

Meet Shilpa Wagh, a name that’s synonymous with fearless transformation. Starting her journey as an IT professional, Shilpa pivoted her career to follow her true calling, ultimately becoming one of Mumbai’s most sought-after “fee-only” financial planners.

But she didn’t stop redefining her path; she’s also an integral part of the “Fee-only India” movement, actively advocating for transparency and ethical practices among investors and advisors alike.

What can Shilpa offer you? Her firm, Wagh Financials, is adept in various financial services. Whether you’re looking for meticulous mutual fund portfolio analysis, comprehensive financial planning, or estate planning, Shilpa and her team have your back.

Best Financial Advisors in India

She caters to your immediate financial needs and offers a long-term, holistic view of your monetary health.

But there’s more to Shilpa than just her professional capabilities. If you’re intrigued by the idea of carving a career in “fee-only” financial planning, she’s the mentor you’ve been waiting for.

With a keen understanding of the market’s intricacies and ethical nuances, Shilpa Wagh doesn’t just provide financial advice; she embodies the future of transparent, effective financial planning in India.

Consider her not just as an advisor but as a guiding light illuminating the path to your financial and professional dreams.

5. Suhas Harshe

Last but certainly not least, we introduce you to Suhas Harshe, a financial maestro whose resume reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the corporate world.

With leadership stints at prestigious companies like Godrej, Kotak Group, and DHL Worldwide Express, Suhas could have quickly settled into a comfortable corporate life. But instead, he chose a different path—becoming India’s first Money Coach and a Financial Success Strategist.

Suhas is the go-to person for small business owners and professionals lacking essential money management skills. He’s not just about advice; he’s about education.

Best Financial Advisors in India

Through his groundbreaking workshop “Sabse Bada Rupaiya” and seminars like “Paisa Bolta Hai,” Suhas has broken down the complexities of business and personal financial management into digestible, actionable advice. These aren’t just events; they’re transformative experiences, as evidenced by their massive viewership.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Professionals and business owners who have had the privilege of being guided by Suhas have not just improved their financial status—they’ve become more powerful in their respective fields.

Suhas Harshe doesn’t just give you fish; he teaches you how to fish, ensuring you’re set for life. If you’re looking to supercharge your financial life with a blend of expertise and practical wisdom, Suhas is the luminary you should be turning to.

What Makes a Good Financial Advisor?

So, you’ve read about the crème de la crème of financial advisors in India, but what makes them—or any advisor—stand out from the crowd?

Is it just about impressive resumes and a long list of clients? Far from it. A good financial advisor is a mix of various qualities that go beyond mere certifications and qualifications. For starters, they’re expert communicators.

Whether breaking down complex financial jargon into bite-sized pieces you can understand or genuinely listening to your needs and fears, they make the complex seem effortless.

A great advisor also operates on the cornerstone of trust and transparency. Gone are the days when advice was shrouded in obscure terms and hidden commissions. Today’s top advisors, like the ones we’ve spotlighted, uphold the highest ethical standards, often opting for a ‘fee-only’ model to eliminate conflicts of interest.

Further, they offer a bespoke experience. One size does not fit all in financial planning. A commendable advisor assesses your unique financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance to craft a plan tailored just for you. And it doesn’t end there.

A noteworthy advisor stays with you throughout the ups and downs, constantly updating and tweaking the strategy to adapt to life’s unpredictability.

Lastly, a standout advisor is committed to continuous learning. The financial landscape is ever-changing, and your advisor should be two steps ahead, armed with the latest knowledge and strategies to help you navigate the twists and turns.

If you find an advisor who embodies these qualities, hold on tight. You’re not just working with a financial planner; you’re partnering with a financial ally who can guide you through the maze of life’s financial challenges.

Best Financial Advisors in India

How to Choose the Right Advisor for You?

Once you’ve skimmed through the list of India’s top financial advisors, the next step is choosing the one that fits like a glove. But how do you go about making such an important decision? First and foremost, ensure your advisor is qualified with essential certifications.

They must be a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). These certifications are not just alphabet soup; they indicate an advisor’s commitment to professionalism, ethics, and expertise.

Next, dive into your own financial needs and aspirations. Are you looking for retirement planning, wealth accumulation, or debt management? Your specific needs will help narrow down the advisors who specialize in what you’re seeking.

Before you finalize your choice, you must have a candid conversation with your potential advisor. Ask important questions such as, “How do you charge for your services?” “What’s your investment philosophy?” and “Can you provide references from clients with needs similar to mine?”

These questions can be your litmus test for determining whether an advisor aligns with your financial goals and ethical considerations.

Please don’t underestimate the value of a trial period or an initial consultation, which many top-tier advisors offer as part of their package.

Use this golden opportunity to gauge the advisor’s expertise and their communication style, responsiveness, and overall fit with your personality. This initial phase can decide whether an ongoing relationship would be fruitful for both parties.


As we wrap up this enlightening tour of India’s top 5 financial advisors, let’s ponder over something more profound than their qualifications and services.

These advisors are not merely service providers but navigators of a complex financial landscape, lighthouses in the foggy terrains of investment and savings. They are architects of financial dreams, sculptors of monetary stability, and stewards of a future you are yet to see.

Choosing the right financial advisor isn’t just about ticking off a checklist or reviewing a catalog. It’s about finding someone who will sit in the passenger seat, map in hand, ready to guide you through the winding roads of life’s financial journey.

It’s a partnership that extends beyond mere numbers and percentages, venturing into trust, ethical considerations, and shared aspirations.

So, as you read this last sentence, ask yourself: Are you just looking for an advisor, or are you searching for a financial ally? Someone who doesn’t just guide you towards your goals but takes the journey with you?

Remember, the right financial advisor doesn’t just make your life richer in money; they enrich it with peace of mind, confidence, and a more straightforward path to the future you’ve always envisioned. Choose wisely, for this decision doesn’t just affect your bank account; it shapes your life’s financial story.


Why should I opt for a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)?

These certifications indicate a high level of expertise, commitment to ethical practices, and adherence to industry standards. A CFP has undergone rigorous training and examinations in various aspects of financial planning. A SEBI RIA, on the other hand, is regulated by India’s market watchdog and must meet specific criteria for professionalism and integrity. Together, these certifications offer an assurance of quality service.

What types of services do these top financial advisors typically offer?

While the range of services varies from one advisor to another, they commonly offer financial planning, investment advice, retirement planning, estate planning, and risk management services. Some advisors may specialize in tax planning, debt management, or insurance solutions.

How do these advisors charge for their services?

Many top financial advisors in India operate on a “fee-only” model, meaning they charge a flat fee for their services and do not earn commissions from selling financial products. This model eliminates conflicts of interest and aligns the advisor’s interests with the client’s.

How often should I meet with my financial advisor?

The frequency of meetings can depend on various factors, such as financial goals, market conditions, and significant life changes. However, meeting with your financial advisor at least once a quarter is generally advisable for a thorough review of your financial plan. Some advisors also offer periodic check-ins via phone or email.

Can I change my financial advisor if I’m unsatisfied with their services?

Absolutely. The relationship with your financial advisor should be built on trust and satisfaction with their performance. If you’re unhappy with the service you’re receiving, it’s entirely within your rights to search for another advisor who might better fit your needs. Most advisors will even help transition your account to a new advisor as part of their professional obligations.

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