How To Add CPR Indicator In Zeodha Kite, (Step By Step)

Hello traders, Zerodha is a great trading platform for equities and commodities. But it also has many other features, including adding an indicator called CPR, which helps you make better trading decisions. This blog post will help you learn how to add this CPR indicator to your Zerodha kite platform.


How to add CPR Indicator in Zeodha kite

For your ease, I have divided this process into five steps. So let's start

Step1: The first step is to log in to your Zerodha dashboard. Go to kite.zerodha.com or simply log in through your kite mobile application.

How to add cpr indicator in zerodha

Step2: Once you have logged in, go to your profile tab available at the top right corner and click on it. A dropdown box will appear; now, simply click on my profile tab.

cpr indicator in zerodha

Step3: Now scroll down a little bit, and at the bottom, you will see two options named Tradingview and ChartIQ. Click on ChartIQ; since the CPR indicator is currently available in ChartIQ only, you must change your charting platform to ChartIQ if you want to use the CPR indicator in Zerodha.

central pivot range in zerodha

Step4: Now open any chart from your watchlist and click on the Studies tab available at the top bar. Here a search box will appear, where you can search all the indicators available under ChartIQ that you want add to your charts.

Since we are looking for a CPR indicator, we will type Central Pivot Range into the search box. Once you type the indicator name, you will see the indicator below; click on it.

how to add cpr indicator in zerodha

Step5: Once you click on the indicator, the indicator will automatically be added to your chart. As you can see in the below image, the CPR indicator is successfully added to our chart.

cpr indicator in zerodha

So, this is how you can easily add CPR indicator or central pivot range in Zerodha kite.

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Is CPR indicator available in Zerodha?

Yes, the CPR indicator is available in Zerodha. It is currently only available under the ChartIQ platform and not the tradingview one. You can follow the process mentioned above to add a CPR indicator to your Zerodha trading platform.

CPR indicator in Zerodha mobile app

CPR indicator is currently available only on the web platform of Zerodha. You can not add or use the CPR indicator in the Zerodha kite mobile application.

CPR indicator not showing in Zerodha

Traders, CPR indicator, is currently available only on ChartIQ platform, and it is available only on Zerodha web platform. The CPR indicator will not show in your kite mobile application. If you are trading in Zerodha, you have to use the Zerodha web platform and ChartIQ to add CPR indicator into your charts.

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