The Best CPR Trading Books For Beginners [2024]

CPR Trading books can be a great way to learn more about trading and the various strategies that are available. There is an abundance of information out there, but it can be difficult to know which ones are worth reading. This list will address some of the best CPR trading books for beginners and offer suggestions for what they should read next!


CPR stands for Central Pivot Range and it has been discovered by Frank Ochoa. He was first introduced to the term pivot points by Mark Fisher, later on, he added another two dimensions the TC and BC to the Pivot and discovered this Central Pivot Range.

It is a very interesting concept and it has been applied successfully by many traders around the world, including myself!

The Best CPR Trading Books For Beginners [2024]

According to Frank Ochoa

The CPR is the Swiss Army Knife of pivots. Like the moon, it controls the tides of the market.

The Best CPR Trading Books

Following are the best CPR Trading books. Each of these books have their own unique qualities and are an excellent resource for learning to trade with Central Pivot Range.

The Secrets Of a Pivot Boss:

The first book that I recommend is The Secrets Of a Pivot Boss by Frank Ochoa. This book is excellent for learning the concepts of CPR trading and how to use them to find trades.

It also includes different candlestick patterns that are used to identify great entry and exit points. This is a great book for learning CPR trading and I recommend it as one of the best books if you are starting out.

You will be able to trade with confidence with the most complete collection of pivot-related trading ideas and concepts available in Secrets of a Pivot Boss. Whether you are a real-time trader, a swing trader, a position trader, or an investor, you will gain great knowledge from reading this book, regardless of the markets in which you trade or your level of experience.

The Best CPR Trading Books For Beginners [2024]The Best CPR Trading Books For Beginners [2024]

Each and every day for the past 12 years, Frank Ochoa has analyzed the market, honing his skills and perfecting the tactics detailed in this book. He has done so by employing the best leading indicators now accessible to traders.

The topics presented in this book will assist you in becoming a more knowledgeable and confident trader as you progress through the book. We all know that professional traders employ tools that are solely based on price, which is a leading signal in its own right.

In this book, you will learn about the best leading indicators available to traders, such as the Money Zone, Floor Pivots, and the Camarilla Equation, as well as how to use them effectively.

While you may have studied several types of pivots in the past, Frank Ochoa brings a fresh perspective to the table that can only be defined as a totally unique strategy to making money while playing these incredible levels.

You'll discover important topics like as Two-Day Pivot Relationships, Pivot Width Forecasting, Pivot Trend Analysis, and Multiple Pivot Hot Zones, as well as how to use them effectively.

Along with learning about incredible pivot relationships, Frank has also shared some of his best trading secrets, including Powerful Candlestick Setups, the Different Kind of Trading Days, the Different Kind of Buyers and Sellers, Powerful Setups, and Proprietary Indicators.

Frank goes one step further by including the source code for each of the scripts that he has created and covered in the book. It is impossible to find a more innovative approach to this powerful CPR trading concept than what is presented in Secrets of a Pivot Boss.

How to Make Money in Intraday Trading:

This is the second book that I recommend to those who are looking for the best CPR trading books. This book has been written by Ashwani Gujral.

We all know Ashwani Gujral Sir, he is one of the most successful traders in India. In this book, he has covered different concepts including the pivots and the Central Pivot Range.

By one of India's most well-known traders, you will learn to make money in day trading. Ashwani Gujral Sir, in his usual frank approach and sprinkled with witty throwaway humor, cuts through the clutter and awe that surrounds day trading, sharply zeroing down on the skills, tactics, and abilities that are essential to achieving success in this hardest and gratifying of endeavors.

The Best CPR Trading Books For Beginners [2024]The Best CPR Trading Books For Beginners [2024]

This book will provide you with the knowledge, abilities, and temperament necessary to succeed in the market. There are several day trading methods and systems revealed in this book, all of which have been time-tested and are simple to grasp and put into action:

He has thoroughly discussed the three M's of trading success, the method, money management, and mentality in trading.

In this book, he has covered the topics like moving averages, pivot points, and candles that are out of the ordinary

He has also explained the strategies for entering, maintaining, and exiting a profitable trade. Trading the morning range, trends, gaps, and sideways markets are explained in detail.

He has also discussed how to utilize major news events as a catalyst for your trading. He has discussed the market traps and what you can do to avoid them and turn a profit from them.

He has thoroughly discussed how to harness the explosive power of various trading tools that are used in conjunction. Position size and risk management are important considerations in this book. Moreover, this book also helps to dominate your thoughts in order to triumph over the marketplace.

This book contains more than 200 real-world market examples and charts, teaches you how to approach the market every single trading day like a winner, armed with the right technical skills and supreme self-confidence.

So, these are the two best CPR trading books that I recommend to everyone to read at least once.

These two books provide the best foundation for understanding and succeeding in CPR trading strategies. You may also like to read the best stock market books for beginners.


Books are very important for every trader, and by reading these two best CPR trading books you will be able to lay a strong foundation for understanding and succeeding in this powerful trading concept.

Both these books have been written by two of the most successful traders. In these books, you will learn to make money in day trading, swing trading as well as how to approach the market like a winner.

You will also learn about different concepts including pivots and candles that are out of the ordinary.


Q: Who is the author of the book Secrets of a Pivot Boss?

A: Frank Ochoa is the author of the book Secrets of a Pivot Boss.

Q: Who is the author of the book How to Make Money in Intraday Trading?

A: Ashwani Gujral is the author of the book How to Make Money in Intraday Trading.

Q: Does CPR work in Trading?

A: Yes, CPR is a very powerful indicator that can be used in all trading styles.

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