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Central Pivot Range, Floor and Camarilla Pivot Points Calculator

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This CPR Calculator or Central Pivot Range Calculator is an advanced tool that calculates CPR value along with all the important floor and camarilla pivots. Just put the three important values- High, Low and Close of a candle stick and this tool will automatically calculate the important pivot values for you.

If you want to calculate the daily CPR and Pivots values of a stock for tomorrow then you have to enter the high, low and closing price of the latest daily candle. For example, if you want to calculate the CPR and Pivots values for 12.01.2022 then you have to enter the high, low and closing value of the daily candle of 11.01.2022.


With this wonderful CPR calculator tool you can calculate the CPR , Floor and Camarilla Pivots of any period of time. If you want to calculate the weekly or monthly CPR then you can put the high, low and closing price of the weekly and monthly candles.

This wonderful CPR calculator tool can provide the CPR, Floor and Camarilla pivots values of any given timeframe ranging from one minute to even one year or beyond depending on the candlestick values you are providing.

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